An Insider’s Guide to Football Betting

As whether betting on football games for a living or hobby, it’s essential that you understand how the game works and what to look out for. Be sure to review injury reports as this could potentially change its outcome.

Sports betting books provide mathematically sound handicapping approaches that will enable you to beat NFL point spreads – an essential read for any serious bettor.

Point spread

Point spreads represent oddsmakers’ best guess at an unequal gap in team strength between two teams and can range from as little as 0.5 points up to double digits. A point spread bet’s payout can be calculated by multiplying its total point spread times its odds (typically rounded to nearest whole number; industry standard being 1.91 odds or American odds).

Favored teams in sportsbooks are designated with a “minus symbol” before their point spread, like Pittsburgh Steelers (-6.5). To win, their margin must exceed that of their assigned margin; otherwise known as a push in betting lingo. When games end in a tie or they match exactly at point spread level (known as an exact push), all bets on both sides will be returned back to bettors – known as a push – so as not to create situations in which one side receives significantly more action than another (such as would happen in cases when winning margin equals exact point spread), this policy ensures evenhandedness among bettors avoiding situations in which one side receives significantly more action than another (known as an exact push).


Moneyline bets are among the simplest types of wagers. While not particularly common in North America, moneyline bets do provide higher payouts on successful underdog bets than point spread wagers and are generally safer overall than this form of betting. Furthermore, they’re easy to place and may provide free bets from sportsbooks!

Utilizing a system to handicap the odds can help you make smarter moneyline bets. Start by looking at each team involved; their record and past performance should give an indication. It may also help if one team performs better at home as opposed to away; this may change odds accordingly, making taking on underdogs less of a risky bet.

When placing a moneyline bet, it’s essential to understand that odds are based on $100 wagers. For example, betting on the Astros could cost $100 but yield $120 profit should they win! Odds for favorite teams appear with negative values listed first; for underdog teams they include positive values as well.


OVER/UNDER betting is a type of bet in which bettors predict whether the total points scored in a match will fall under or over the amount set by oddsmakers. This figure depends on factors like team form, stats and key player contributions that affect scoring potential – for instance relegation-threatened sides may play more cautiously to protect their territory and ensure no high-scoring matches take place.

Sportsbooks often feature over/under lines for NFL, college football and MLB games at sportsbooks, making these wagers accessible during play without too much math involved. Over/under bets are popular since they require minimal calculation to place them during gameplay; however bettors should understand that over/under bets don’t guarantee success; there’s still the possibility that your bet might end in a draw and all wagers returned to you as a push result; also be aware of weather and field conditions which might impact scoring – for instance games with running-based offense will typically have lower over/under odds than ones using passing to score goals against.

Futures wagers

Futures bets offer long-term bettors a great option to place long-term wagers. Futures bets involve betting on events yet to happen, like who will win a championship game, and are available months ahead. They can be placed on numerous sports events including NFL championship games or awards like Super Bowl MVP.

Futures betting odds are listed separately from the main sportsbook odds board and usually displayed in descending order. Favoured selections appear first while long shots at the bottom are often listed first. Odds change regularly throughout a season as the likelihood of bet winners changes.

An essential aspect of futures betting is finding the most favorable lines. Different sportsbooks will offer different odds on similar events; these numbers may even fluctuate based on factors like action placed per bet. If one team experiences a run of wins, their odds will adjust accordingly.

In-game wagers

NFL in-game wagers make NFL betting more dynamic and thrilling than traditional sports gambling, offering real-time odds updates that reflect real-world action. This makes NFL gambling far more exciting and engaging.

Successful NFL betting requires careful analysis of each game and its history, from player injuries and performances, down to scoring systems such as field goals worth three points and touchdowns worth seven. Knowing these details will allow you to predict how many total points there will be at play on game day.

Football betting provides more than straight bets; parlays and accumulators allow you to combine multiple teams or totals into one wager; additionally, some bets allow you to buy half points to either increase your payouts or mitigate risk.

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