Casino Etiquette 101 – How to Behave at the Tables

Casino gambling requires adhering to certain etiquette rules in order to create an enjoyable and harmonious atmosphere for all involved. These regulations aim to show respect for other gamblers while upholding harmony within the gaming halls.

As a beginner to gambling, you may not yet understand some of its rules and expectations. Some rules are readily apparent – for instance if leaning in on another player at a table game it is unacceptable behavior.

Table games

When playing casino table games, it is essential to follow the rules of casino etiquette in order to maintain your composure and ensure a positive gaming experience for everyone involved. Doing so will help maintain orderly gambling conditions and provide for an enjoyable gambling experience for all participants involved.

Communication among players using hand signals is one of the key rules in casinos, helping prevent miscommunication, misunderstandings and errors. Being respectful towards fellow gamblers and staff members is also vital; any form of disruptive or offensive behaviour will likely result in being asked to leave by security guards.

Keep in mind that casinos typically lose money, so celebrate any wins without upsetting other players. Finally, never ask for loans from dealers; doing so is extremely rude and could get you banned from casinos altogether. Also keep your drinks away from the table; they could cause chaos and disrupt gameplay.

Slot machines

No matter if you are new or experienced at playing slot machines, it is essential that you know the basic rules of etiquette when using them. Doing so will allow you to avoid awkward situations as well as avoid creating chaos in public settings. Some unspoken rules include:

First and foremost, never sit at a slot machine when not actively gambling it – this eats up space that could otherwise be utilized by another gambler, and is quite rude. Be respectful towards other players and casino staff when using a machine – no loud slurping drinks or swearing aloud are appropriate behaviors; take your losses out on yourself instead of others or casino staff when losing. Some casinos provide complimentary drinks; when winning big jackpots make sure to tip waitresses as their tips supplement their wages! Additionally, chain smoking around non-smokers is highly offensive and can create havoc at public venues causing scenes.


No matter if you play blackjack at an online casino or at an establishment with physical premises, it’s advisable to be acquainted with the basics of etiquette in order to have an enjoyable and hassle-free experience at the table. For example, it is vital not to flirt with either the dealer or other players at the table; their job is keeping things moving smoothly so respect should be shown them at all times. Furthermore, it would be considered rude to stall action at a blackjack table and too much talk could distract other players during play – something neither dealer or other players should do.

Minding these blackjack etiquette tips can make your casino experience much more pleasurable, and will also serve you well at future tables.


When playing roulette, remember to be polite and respectful to both the dealer and other players. Avoid giving or accepting advice during gameplay as this would be unfair to other players. Keep your emotions in check when losing, and stay calm; the casino environment requires it!

Be mindful to follow basic etiquette at all times and never use your mobile phone at the table; it can be distracting and rude for other players, leading them to believe you’re cheating or acting suspiciously. In some casinos there may even be policies against such conduct; embarrassing yourself can lead to immediate removal from an establishment so it is wiser to stick to basic etiquette at all times so as to ensure an enjoyable gaming experience for you and other players alike.


Craps requires players to familiarize themselves with its language and etiquette rules before beginning play. For instance, only using one hand to hold the dice is considered rude and could bring bad luck. You should also avoid bouncing or touching them with your fingers as these actions could cause sevens to fall.

Another key tip when playing craps is not touching the central section of the table layout, as this area is managed by the stickman and any interference may lead to disastrous outcomes. Also, try not to get too close to shooters who are about to throw their dice.

As with any game, always show courtesy and respect toward dealers and fellow players. Tipping them after winning a bet is customary; and when betting increases only when winning and decreases when losing. In terms of bet sizes, only increase when winning while decreasing when losing.


Poker etiquette resembles casino table games in that you should respect all players at your table, not engaging in unnecessary conversation or making distracting noises when other players are playing their hands. Furthermore, it is impolite to reveal your hole cards while another hand is underway and/or show another player’s mucked cards as this could alter future action of future hands.

As with other players, it is also best to avoid publicly airing complaints about bad beats or discussing strategy with others while the game is ongoing. Doing this will only deteriorate the atmosphere and make other players uneasy. Likewise, eating at the table or using strong-smelling perfume or hairspray might affect other players’ lungs adversely and acting out of turn may make an awkward situation even more so. Finally, always act in accordance with others.

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