The Best-Ever Guide To Table Games

While slots are very popular, table games are definitely considered to be a top drawer at casinos around the world – both for land-based casinos and at online gambling havens. If you’re new to the world of betting and wondering what kind of table games are available – or if you’re looking for tips on how to play table games well, then read on!


The game of roulette has been around since the 17th century and rumour has it that mathematician Blaise Pascal was the inventor. It’s an easy game to learn, since rules don’t tend to differ much between countries though you’ll have to be careful which variant you are playing, as in America with two zeros on the board, the house edge is much higher.

In roulette, you place your bet(s) on the table in categories like red or black or odds vs even, or you can bet on individual numbers, or number ranges like 1-18. Once bets are down, the roulette wheel is spun, and the white ball lands. The dealer will then pay the winners.


Also known as the game of 21, blackjack is still a top casino game played around the world. The reason it’s so popular is due to having a very low house edge compared to other table games, and as it is offered around the world it’s an easy game to pick up and enjoy no matter where you are. The aim of the game is to get 21 or as close to 21 as possible. It pays to pay attention to the payout table for blackjack most casinos will pay out either 3 to 2 or 6 to 5.

You will definitely want to look for casinos that offer 3 to 2 payouts as these will quickly add up at a higher ratio than those which you only pay 6 to 5. Blackjack also has a huge variety of variations on it such as perfect pairs blackjack switch progressive blackjack and blackjack double exposure. Each of these offers a different difficulty.


Baccarat is a game which attracts high rollers to the table at both online and offline casinos, as the game comes with large table limits. The rules for baccarat are incredibly simple: you’ll be betting on either the player winning, the banker winning, or betting on the fact that they will tie. The highest score possible in baccarat is 9. Two cards are dealt for both the player and the banker. Whenever the two cards are totaled to create a double-digit score, only the digit that’s located on the right-hand side is used. For example, if a player gets dealt two 7s, these are added to total 14, and only the four will count and become the player’s score. A third card may or may not be dealt depending on the baccarat version being played.


Without a doubt poker is one of the top games that is played around the world and there are numerous styles of it to be found, from Caribbean Stud Poker to 3 Card Poker, and even a casino-style Texas Hold ‘Em. For each of these games, the winning criteria and poker risks differ slightly. But as long as you know the basic poker rules, you’ll be able to play well in no time at all. For most poker games, the winning card hands will have either Jacks or Better, a Straight, a Flush or a Royal Flush.


While they are becoming a rarer offering, dice games are still offered at many top casinos. The most popular and widely playable game of dice is known as craps. In it, two dice are rolled by a player, known as a shooter, and the aim is to roll those numbers once more before the number seven is rolled.

Table Game Tips And Tricks

Now that you’re well versed in the different types of table games that are available, it’s time to work on the basic strategies that you will need, to ensure you do well at each of them.

There are many people who advocate for theories such as card-counting, using mathematical formulas, and some who hold various superstitions to bring luck. The below tips and tricks will serve you well, even if you do hold other casino-related beliefs or superstitions.


One of the most overlooked aspects of betting, which is actually highly important, is mindset. Without the right mindset in place, it’s easy to fall into bad habits and patterns. However, if you separate your ambitions from your emotions by getting your priorities and outcome expectations sorted early on, you will have a better gaming experience overall.


It’s easy to get excited when you first begin gambling at leading online casinos like Grand Eagle as they’re so immersive and there’s so much to bet on. But it’s far better to pick one or two games to work on and focus on getting better at, before moving onto another one or two. This will ensure you place well-informed bets as opposed to haphazard ones.

Basics Are Best

Once you have the basic rules of the game down, it’s far easier to learn how to play them well. By spending time researching and learning all that there is about the games you’ve chosen you may come across some new strategies that you wish to try yourself. Joining an online forum is a great place to engage with others who are just as keen as you are on specific table games.

Listen To Your Gut

Once you’ve mastered the basics and are now playing well, it is time to really start paying attention to your intuition. Gut instincts are rarely ever wrong, and by becoming more in tune with the undercurrents of emotions around you and your reaction to them, you can appreciate a different dimension to the table games you play.

With these tips and tricks in mind you’ll be able to head to your next online casino game with confidence in your ability to play well and maximize your chances of a win!

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