What is Ballistic Bingo?

If you are wondering “What is Ballistic Bingo?” you’ve come to the right place! The name of this online bingo game is a play on balls and it’s much faster than traditional bingo games. What’s more, it doesn’t require you to leave the comfort of your home to participate! So you can play while listening to your favorite music or watching television. What’s more, you’ll get a full house pattern every time you play!

The main goal of this game is to form a full house pattern on your bingo card with the 40 balls on the grid. This pattern must be complete within 40 balls to win the jackpot. This jackpot can reach 5000 times the original stake. The prize pot is large enough to provide a fun evening out with friends. And the best part? You can win a jackpot each week! So what are you waiting for? Get ready for the ultimate game night!

The Ballistic Bingo game is a hybrid of bingo and keno, with each player choosing up to eight cards to play each game. It uses a 90-square grid and balls numbered from one to nine. You can also bet as low as ten cents per card, depending on your budget. In order to win a prize, you must match all 15 numbers on your bingo card within 40 balls. If you match all 15 numbers on your card within this timeframe, you’ll be awarded the jackpot of x5,000 multiplier.

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